CV and Links

An abbreviated CV from 2022-06 is available here.

C.A. Claus, 2020. Drawing the Sea Near: Satoumi and Coral Reef Conservation in Okinawa. University of Minnesota Press.

***Hear Dr. Jon Pitt (UC-Irvine) and I talk about the book on his podcast, Nature::Mono, An Environmental Humanities Podcast. 

           Read reviews of the book:

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C.A. Claus. 2020. “How a Professional Writer Improved my Academic Writing.” Ch 8 in The Scholar as Writer: Writing Anthropology, Ethnography, and Beyond. Carole McGranahan, ed. Duke University Press.

          Read reviews of the book: 

  • Syring, David. “Three Edited Volumes on Anthropological Writing.” Review of book in Anthropology and Humanism. 

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